Sunday, 9 April 2017

The joys of Spring

What a fabulous couple of weeks weather wise! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the blossoms on the trees are starting to open and the Little P's were persuaded to come and do wheelbarrow runs at the allotment.

six of the eight new beds are now topped up with compost and I have planted our sugar snap peas. They are just starting to break through the surface, but are still being protected by the net from all those lovely beasties, who would love to have a munch on them.

We have started painting the new beds. (We, is not the royal, but JJ and I) We are half way there.  

CP is very happy as her broad beans are finally making an appearance, along with the Narcissus she planted last year.

I planted my squash, courgette, gherkin and cucumber seeds in pots in the greenhouse, only to return and find that the seeds have been chewed by a visitor. I will set them again in the propagator at home to get them going. I was trying to avoid planting at home as I have a marauding Mo, who likes to dig in pots. In a battle of cat and mouse, I know which one I'd trust most. Also I can shut the kitchen door and keep marauding Mo from digging.

The strawberries have been refreshed by removing all the old growth and relocating some of last years runners. I took out a few of the original plants as they were past their best. Advice given by other growers is to remove plants after 3 years. Given all the runners grown over the past couple of years, we have a self sustaining patch. A top up of compost and a quick weeding and off we go again. Jam is going to be this years focus, although the strawberry wine is divine!

The shallots are coming along nicely. The carrots which were planted around them are now breaking the surface. Although I did have a moment and was quite shocked to see so many 'weeds' until I realised they were supposed to be there and were not weeds, but carrots!!? Oops. luckily realised before I removed too many. For the first time ever I think every seed has sprouted!

I have been gifted some nice big pots so the next job will be to transplant all the tomatoes and chillies which have survived the marauder. I have planted flower seeds which were left alone by the beasties and are shooting well now.  When they are big enough they will be transplanted around the plot. New beetroot seeds have been planted and 2 remaining from last year, have been left to go to seed. The potato bed needs rotavating (Mr P assistance required please!?) and they are ready to go in. Certainly in a better position this year to last year.

Thanks for reading, I'm off to enjoy the wonderful sunshine. Keep digging. :)

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