Sunday, 26 February 2017

Busy week

Being on half term we took advantage of the time out of work to catch up on paperwork and get some quality time at the lottie.

Dad W helped me to carry wood and make 8 new raised beds. He carried on even though it was getting dark until they were built.

Kp helped me to back fill them with leaf mould. Next job is to clear a space to get to the compost heap, which has been overrun by brambles over the autumn, and use the good stuff at the bottom of the pile.

Not the straightest but more than fit for purpose. Just need to stake them in the middle of the long sides to ensure completely secure and don't bow.

We had 1 casualty from storm Doris. (seriously why Doris? I had a great, great Aunt Doris who would always give us cups of tea and penguins (the biscuit variety, not the cuddly kind) when we went to visit. How can I think of her as a storm?) Any who, the wind took out 2 panes of glass and although I have what seems to be half a shed full of glass panels, none will actually fit and I need to get a 45 degree angle piece cut. Hopefully before the wind takes any more of the panels out.

That's us done for now. Next stop get some seeds in.

Thanks for reading and happy digging. :)

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