Thursday, 8 September 2016

I started writing this before calamity Nik happened again and I caused myself yet another injury. Enjoy the read.

I am in the final week of my summer holiday, the Little P's go back a week later. I always say I'm going to get up to the allotment and have grand plans, but I never quite manage to get the time up there I want to. If I do, I spend more time disarming arguing P's and rescuing  harvests from a marauding CP, than doing anything constructive. For example last Sunday, CP set to weeding her raised bed, however once I walked away, she dashed off to pick and eat all the ripe tomatoes off the bush next to her, as well as munch her way through all the French beans she could reach. She then started eyeing up the not quite ripe apples, before moving on to the raspberry canes. That is the one great thing about the allotment, all the Little P's will have a snack on what we grow. It does unfortunately mean crops don't always make it home.  Do I worry about them getting their 5 a day? No chance. Coincidentally she did manage to finish weeding her little bed.

I promised more of an update on my last blog so here's what we've achieved in the past couple of weeks.

Do you remember this barrel?

It took 4 of us to shift it!  We needed to dig a 2ft hole around the barrel. Mr P used a crow bar to lift it, while JJ, KP and I rocked it. It has been relocated to somewhere it won't sink and will become our wood burner in the winter. (bonfires permitted October-March) We do have an old broken shed to burn after all.

I have to confess we have given up on organic growing and sprayed the crouch grass around the beds on 45 and sprayed some sections on 47. It was becoming too much for us and if we didn't do something quickly we were risking eviction.

The front of 45 has been tidied up and I have started stripping the flower bed of dead material and weeds ready for some Autumn planting. Moved quickly through the dead material, the ever present dock leaf is another matter altogether.

The weeds have taken over the squash and courgettes so they are the next battle. Cleared this section in an hour with interference from the Little P's. Think I will head up without them, the next time they are with Grandma and get it sorted. 2 hours without interfering P's should get the job finished.

We are looking at what to plant next and where. The conclusion we've come to, is that it's time to order some muck and ensure it is well spread.

So that was 2 weeks ago. I have since torn my hamstring and am trying to hobble around on one crutch, (can't use 2, right arm can't hold the handle or take the weight.) Needless to say I am again unable to work the plot.

Really not been a great year but here's to getting back on it.

Thanks for reading. Happy digging. :)