Thursday, 18 August 2016

That's Shallot

Saying this year has not been our best is an understatement, however we have had some successes.

Our garlic and shallots have done very well. I brought back 2 overflowing bags of shallots and an equally full bag of garlic. Made the firm favourite shallot and goats cheese tart. Plan is to pickle the remaining. A week baking in the sun and they have dried out nicely. I wonder how many jars I can fill with this lot?

First crop of carcasonne, ready to be used. Some nice bulbs to replant.

Second crop not as successful but did go in a good couple months after the first crop. Was advised to plant in January/february. Won't be doing that this time, all in at the same time this October.

Red Duke garlic. Really pleased with these and they have a nice kick to them.

Left the Red Duke in longer than planned (everyone needs a holiday in the sun) found these miniature bulbs growing on the stem of the garlic. Just as tasty as the bulbs formed underground.

That's it for now. Weeds still winning but we keep digging.

Hopefully have more of an update next time. Thanks for reading. Happy digging. :)