Saturday, 23 July 2016

Hello Summer holidays

What a busy month we have had. There's been Father's Day, birthdays and a friend's wedding. The weather has been typically British summer weather, as in Summer? What is Summer? Then... Oh my God it's too hot! Where's the rain?

So what have we been up to on plots 45 and 47? Not as much as we should have been I'm afraid to report for the end of June. We faced eviction and did consider calling it a day. However after some negotiating with the committee we have been given another chance, we just need to keep on top of the grass. The we being the royal 'we' here, it's not very safe strimming and lawnmowing one handed! Since then however we have got our finger out and have been busy.

Our strawberries have been our favourite crop again this year. The little P's had fresh strawberries every day for a month and I have some very nice strawberry jam as well as a bucket of strawberry wine fermenting.

The garlic and shallots are coming along nicely. I weeded them again last week and topped the bark up around them but the elephant garlic won't be long before they're ready.

The carcasonne variety planted last Autumn have been harvested and I have chosen a bulb to plant this Autumn.

Our French beans are coming on strong and have now been supported, however the slugs have had a good munch and the green beans resemble stalks. Good job the purple French beans are coming on strong.

All of our squashes are out. We have butternut, scallop, turks turban and a pumpkin in however the turks turban and pumpkin probably won't make it this year.

We bought grape vines at the end of last year and our pesky pet rabbits took a liking to them, nibbling any greenery back to trunk! I took it to the greenhouse in the hope they would recover and am pleased to say they are slowly making their comeback.

The greenhouse has been reorganised and the tomatoes and cucumber now have space to grow. I transplanted a couple of the tomatoes into buckets outside. We have had an abundance this year between what we have grown and the ones donated by Dad P and Mum W. Yes that is a tray of celery and corn waiting to go in. Need a bed clearing on 47 so they can go in.

On 47 Mr P has been taming the grass and giving everything a good strim. He found the lone asparagus at the front of 47, there was originally 2. We had decided to have the front of the bed as our asparagus bed but realised it was more manageable to move it to a raised bed where it is less likely to be disturbed.

We have also been busy clearing behind the shed. We cleared at least 5ft of brambles, holly and Ivy and unearthed this unsightly lot. Skip required me thinks!

We (and not the royal 'we') had a bit of a mad one, clearing the brambles and rubbish, dismantling the crumbling shed, then erecting a new one we were lucky to be gifted on freecycle. With all hands on deck, the job was completed in a day. We left the lottie feeling exhausted but satisfied with our team effort.

A lick of paint and she will be as good as new! ;)

This year has been a battle but our spirits have not been completely crushed. A few times we have wanted call it a day but have persevered. Plans are a foot to get back on top of it, watch this space.

I realised the other day that photos on here are normally of Mr P, the little P's and I in our scruffs. I wanted to end with a photo of us looking a bit more respectable for a change.

Thanks for reading. Keep digging :)