Friday, 17 June 2016

Finding the roses

So last week I stopped to smell the roses, this week I braved the rain at the start of the week and stopped to find them. 47 is overrun with 2 1/2 ft grass so I made it my mission to try tackle it. This was originally the flowerbed.

I found all these beauties hiding under the grass.

So after several hours out in th showers I finally found most of the flowers.

Only one small section to go but I ran out of time.

... the apple tree is full of apples.

.... From the greenhouse we have eaten our first cucumber and there are plenty more on the way. Our first tomatoes are forming.

.... JJ was most excited to find the first ripe strawberry, but became somewhat disgruntled when she realised she wasn't the first to find it. Have to be quicker than than JJ.

The weather has gone from showers to full on flash flooding thunderstorms, so progress has been slower than I would like this week. The top of 45 is under water again but at this time of year it soon dries out.

Thanks for reading. Keep digging :)


  1. I sympathise with you. My plot is constantly inundated with weeds and grass is only the latest intruder. I clear as much as I can but it's turning into a"too many on to one" situation. my cucumbers are still at the growing leaves stage but I'm getting quite a few strawberries I think the rains helping them.

    1. I hope you had a successful harvest in the end and managed to get on top of the grass. :)