Saturday, 14 May 2016

My mum my hero

Having been abandoned for the weekend by Mr P, the job of running us around fell to Mum W.

Encouraged by the lovely weather we took a run up to the allotment to water the greenhouse. With Mr P being out of town the plants had not been watered for a couple of days and were desperate.

Mum set to watering while I had a look at what could be salvaged (the job I should have done on Sunday.) I replanted some more gherkins, mini bell peppers and giant pumpkins.

I found the onion seeds that JJ and I planted at Easter were finally starting to sprout but one had been partially tipped out so I combined the 3 trays into 2.

Having finished the job we set out to do mum and I started talking about what we were planning to grow this year. Mr P had cleared the raised bed where the climbing French beans were going, so we decided we were going to try planting the beans directly into the bed.

Mum set to breaking up the soil again and digging trenches while I stripped back a comfrey plant. We left a good layer of ripped up comfrey in the bottom of each trench and topped it up with compost from old grow bags before planting the seeds and covering with soil. We planted 4 rows of French beans, 2 of greens and 2 of purple.

I set to tidying the seeds and rearranging pots in the greenhouse while mum gave a bed at the back a quick dig where the grass was sneaking back. It's ready for planting mange tout and sugar snap peas on our next visit.

I really can't thank my Mum enough for her help this weekend. I feel like we are making progress. She made sure I didn't overdo it, but did enough to feel that I contributed and made progress. We got more done than I thought we would and left the plot feeling a bit tired but satisfied. Next blog entry will be an update of how things are growing, having taken some lovely photos today.

Thanks again to Mum and thanks to you for reading. Happy Digging :)

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