Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mother's Day outing to the lottie

I started writing this post 2 weeks ago but unsurprisingly life interfered once again and it was never posted. I've decided to keep it just as I had written it 2 weeks ago so apologies if it causes any confusion.

I don't know what it's been like where you are, but here it has been wet and cold with the odd snow flurry. Not the best weather for popping to the lottie. As yesterday was Mother's Day I got the chance to indulge and persuaded the Little P's and Mr P that a trip to the lottie would be a fun idea. That was after my very tasty blueberry pancakes in bed of course.

So as to be expected we weren't in the best state, however we were not as bad as we thought we would be. Again the bark has done a fantastic job of being an organic mulch. Although we have had a mild winter the weeds haven't gone mad yet unlike the wild strawberry on plot 45 that has taken over the flowerbed.

It was nice to see the crocuses out and they appear to have multiplied despite my disturbing the bulbs in the summer. And the daffodils were starting to open.

I left a couple of beetroot in, which were tiny, to see how they developed. I am pleased to say they have doubled the amount of leaves on them.

The elephant garlic is putting in an appearance. The rest of the row of garlic first made it's appearance in December/January time.

Not wanting to aggravate recovering shoulders, Mr P, CP and I set to clearing the raised beds at the back of plot 45.

We bought Winston potatoes this year to try. JJ set to setting them out in trays along with the Desiree, Pink fir and Charlotte varieties we have saved and chitted from last year's crop. Be interesting to see how they grow. (I was careful to select potatoes from plants that had not been affected by blight.)

So after a couple of hours we had cleared 3 and a half beds. CP has planted peas and coriander in her small bed and JJ had planned out what she was planting in her bed.

The rhubarb bed is looking happier and the paths a little clearer.

47 on the other hand? I think that's going to be Easter's challenge having a week to myself while the Little P's are still at school.

I was left with a sense of calm and as a few snowflakes fluttered around us we decided to call it a day.

Many thanks for reading and I hope all the mums out there felt as loved and cherished as I did yesterday.  Keep digging :-)