Thursday, 13 August 2015

A week of calamities.

The joys of allotmenteering

Ants, slugs, pigeons, rabbits,
Blackfly, aphids, wasps!
All the cabbage munchers,
and carrot crunchers.
So many pests I'm at a loss.

Walking along
Minding my business,
Something black and yellow decides to land.
Needle sharp, razor quick,
3 times it stung my hand!

One handed digging technique;
Not quite mastered yet!
Ouch! I've pulled my back,
Suck it up, keep on digging,
Got to get the plot back on track.

Weeds are taking over,
Manic digging,
Help I''m turning into a loon,
Keep on digging, Get the whole root
Next plot inspection must be soon!

Red ants nest gone
But they're not leaving without a fight
My poor hand starts to throb,
3 wasp stings, bitten by ants,
I think I'm going to sob.

Battling tall grass,
Seed spreading everywhere,
Be far easier with a mower,
I've got seed in my eye
Pulling it by hand is definitely slower!

Blinking, rubbing, hands flapping
I can't shift it from my eye,
Bitter taste in the back of my mouth,
Yup, I've just swallowed a fly.
At least the seeds now out my eye,

You persevere,
Surely nothing else can fail?
Just one small section left to dig.
That's done it,
Bubbles I've broke a nail!

Hot sunny days,
Waterbutts are empty,
Back and forth to the tap I go.
Try not to waste a drop,
We're on a meter don't you know?

All watered, Tools away
We can try again tomorrow.
Drive to the gate,
Loud thump as it swings back fast,
Is there no end to my sorrow?

Cup of tea with slice of cake
And then a nice hot shower,
The cascading water
gently soothes my aches.
I'll be asleep within the hour.

Tomorrow is another day
There is always something to do.
The weeds and pests keep coming,
But refreshed you start anew.

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