Sunday, 10 May 2015

Weekly update

Trying to get back into the routine of doing weekly updates, so sat here with a glass of wine at the end of a busy weekend.

As promised to Mr P, here's a picture of our rhubarb looking great! Will have to do some experimenting as we're all tired of rhubarb crumble, although can never beat a rhubarb and boozy plum crumble, just make sure you don't need to drive afterwards. ;)

We've netted three of our beds and started planting them.

Our first 40 pea plants have gone in, with another 20 seeds planted ready. The plan is to plant 20-40 every week until the bed is full. Peas are a big hit in our household! The net is to keep the rabbits out until they are tougher, given the problems we had last year.

Not sure how well this will turn out but planted purple dwarf french beans and mange tout in the same bed. Again have more to go in but staggering the planting.

We've planted our courgettes in grow bags this year. Last year they took over the middle large bed so decided to keep them separate this year and have put them up against the grassy bank along the drainage ditch.

Potato buckets are ready for a final top up, with shoots appearing in all buckets.

Next to be netted, the strawberries, full of flowers and fruit starting  to form, definitely need to keep the birds off.

Thankfully we don't seem to have had the same slug problem this year that we had last year. Over the bank holiday weekend there seemed to be a lot of slugs and snails drawn out by the heavy downpours, however we didn't appear to have more than the odd one.  Perhaps this is because of the bark or on the other hand, tonight we found this little guy living on the plot under a pile of bricks. I say 'little' he's the size of my hand. Think we will need  to encourage others to help him keep up the good work

So, whats next? ...

Getting lots more peas and beans started off in the greenhouse, finish off netting the remaining beds and getting the last of the spuds in the ground providing the rain holds off long enough to stop us sinking in the mud!  We might even get some flowers planted at home if we can find a spare moment  seeing as we bought more than a few a week ago.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a good week.

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