Monday, 18 May 2015

Weekly update Monday 18-5-15

This week's focus has been transplanting and hardening off. We put our Turks Turban and pumpkin plants in. The fantastic thing about the bark, not only does it keep the weed down, (when it does come up, it is a quick rake through,) it also retains moisture and keeps the ground warm. Just what is needed for young plants.

The plants themselves are obviously thriving as we have seen new growth on them already.

All three plants in a row. As they grow they will be trained towards the front of the plot as we harvest our leeks, onions and garlic.

I have tamed the flower bed on the right hand side.

While I tamed weeds, Mark set out the border edge once again.

I started on the left hand side. Got just over half way before it was time call it a day.

 In the process we had an opportunity to enjoy these beauties:

As we were digging we noticed this guy watching us intently. He was true to his nature and came within a foot of where we were working, picking up grubs and small worms as we unearthed them.

We are trying to be as organic as possible and whilst our TomTato is a little unusual, it is hand grafted not genetically modified, so it kind of fits. We picked ours up at a garden centre for £1 as a struggling plant that had been damaged. Since then it has nearly doubled in height and is starting to flower. If you would like more information

We still have the herb and salad beds to net however touch wood the wild rabbits seem to be leaving them alone. I think taking Charlie to the plot is helping scare them off, unlike this pair at home who have decided the freshly dug flowerbed means free access to everything growing in it!

We managed to usher them back into their cage before finally planting the flowers we bought for the bed.

Next job.....
keeping these pair off the bed whilst letting them have the freedom they need to run.

At the plot...
Looking at the weather forecast going to be mid week before can get too much done outside. Perfect time for Mark to get the rotavator stripped whilst I re-pot and tidy in the green house. ;)

Thanks for reading.

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