Thursday, 15 May 2014

Spring 2014

After a long wet winter, spring finally arrived and with it the next stages of development. We were very lucky to be offered 2 greenhouses for free on Freecycle (recommend Freecycle to everyone great way of recycling unwanted stuff).  My dad and Mark spent a day dismantling them and carefully photographing them so would be easier to assemble in the spring. We agreed a date and enlisted the help of both dads and Jen to get the plot moving.

First stage assembling the greenhouse

Having gained permission to have a greenhouse on the plot we needed to move a raised bed to fit it in. However the broad beans we had planted in the autumn were doing well in this bed and had to be relocated. Luckily they had a successful move and all survived.

You'd think that after spending so long photographing the greenhouses at various different stages whilst dismantling it, it would have been assembled easily. Nope took a whole day with Mark, dad P and Jen working on it.

Mark has also spent hours trying to figure out how the glass fitted on the greenhouse but to no avail. Looking at the pictures, the glass didn't sit on clips but it overlapped. Think might have to admit defeat on with this one and buy new glass.

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