Sunday, 18 May 2014

Lost radish

We have a large family so most of our Saturday is spent ferrying children to dancing and activities. Yesterday however I got Mark to drop me up the allotment with our youngest daughter (CP) to get some weeding done.

I focused on a raised bed I had deliberately left for a couple weeks. I had started on it the other day (where I found our first radish) but had not got very far. Weeding one handed isn't easy and progress is tediously slow. Any way in this bed I had planted radish, beetroots and carrots. To keep CP occupied we played a game of hunt the carrot. After half an hour and only finding 3 carrots she gave up and decided that we had other radishes that were ready so decided to pull them out. Like all impatient children she wanted to eat a radish straight away until I reminded her they needed to be washed, finishing with wait until you get home. CP appeared to be content with that answer and decided to get the radishes ready for eating by taking the tops off them.

I decided it was time tidy up and water everything before it got too hot. CP decided to help water the radishes, only she decided to water the radishes she had picked. Next thing I know there's a scream from CP. She had dropped the radishes into the water butt and they had sank straight to the bottom. Guess it will be another couple of weeks before we have radish in our salads.

Lesson learnt this weekend, get the 4 yr old her own watering can and radishes don't float.

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