Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Helpful children

Beginning of last month we put our seeds in the propagator to get them going. I'm currently struggling with a shoulder injury, so enlisted the help of the kids to plant the seeds. They were great help. They filled the pots with soil for me, wrote the tags and planted some of the seeds. They even helped clean up the mess afterwards!

All was going well until the seedlings started to break the surface in this container.

For some reason what was supposed to be purple sprouts one end and rainbow chard at the other turned into purple sprouts one end, rainbow chard the other and sweet peas all over!

It took some very careful sorting and the result is that our kitchen is even more over run by plants than it was before.

Think this weeks focus will have to be finishing off getting the glass in the greenhouse so we can get our kitchen back. Saying that another week or so and this lot can be put in the allotment. :-)

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