Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 1 Photos

In need of TLC 

Day 1

The first view of our allotment looking front to back.
Amazing what found under the weeds. chairs and a bench.

Photo taken from the back of the plot looking towards the front. Just make out the plums from one of the trees.

There's blackcurrants in here somewhere!

Looking towards the back from the raised beds.

There's more raised beds hidden in the weeds

Looking from the raised beds to the front of the plot.

Plums nearly ready for harvesting.

Getting down to business and clearing the way.

Clearing the rubble

Clearing the way to the shed. All hands on deck.

Petrol strimmer making light work of the weeds.

picking 5 kilos of blackcurrants

The end result of day 1. Much better wouldn't you agree?
A hard days work.

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