Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bogged down

As it's been so wet we've not managed to get to the allotment for a few days. We had a mountain of wood chippings delivered and have been waiting for the weather to dry up, so we can put membrane down between the raised beds before the wood chips.

As the weather had finally let up, on Sunday we went to the garden centre to pick up some trays of flowers for the flower bed. Monday's plan of attack was getting the flowers in and if the ground wasn't too wet get the membrane down between the beds so we could start moving the mountain of bark chippings.

Seizing our opportunity we were all up, dressed and armed with toast, arrived at the allotment by half 9. Not bad for a bank holiday Monday. :-)

The problem was that when we got to the allotment everything was saturated. Our drainage ditch had overflowed and water was seeping towards the shed and the walkways between most of the raised beds was waterlogged. In a few days our allotment had turned into a bog! :-(

We had yet again put off laying the membrane, we did however manage to get the flower bed planted before the rain came again. Luckily it hit just as we had tidied up. Unfortunately it meant I didn't get a chance to photograph it but I will photograph and post the bed next time we manage to get up there.

Here's hoping for a few dry days so everything can dry out again. 

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