Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Autumn 2013

Once we had tamed the plot we decided to experiment with planting seeds in the autumn. We made the mistake of not netting the seeds and the local birds ate most of the seeds. However the ones that survived the birds grew well.

In our last 2 beds we planted onion and garlic sets. They should be ready soon.

We also relocated our strawberry patch to the allotment. It is flourishing now.

Finally we dug over the middle section of the plot . We decided to leave the large section at the front  as the association had dug it and sheeted it in the summer before we took the plot. They very kindly said we keep the sheeting for now but return when finished with it.

Having done what we could for autumn we left the plot to its own devices over winter and kept popping up to check on it from time to time. All the while planning for next phase of development.

The other plan for the winter was to make jam with all the fruit we had picked. 5kgs of blackcurrants  and well over 10kgs of plums.

Nik's Rum Plum jam.

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